Natural Floor Covering



Specialising in Sisal, Coir & Jute

Natural floor coverings retain their appearance very well – even if you don’t clean them regularly!


You will find that pure sisal and coir floor coverings have a greater resistance to soiling than woollen and synthetic carpets. They tend to hold less dirt and dust than conventional tufted carpets due to their tight woven structure and their anti-static characteristics.

However, they can still trap fine dirt in the fibres close to the surface. This may not be immediately apparent but, over time; this fine dirt could damage the fibres, or if mixed with water, cause a stain.

Regular vacuum cleaning, ideally twice weekly, is the most important step in preserving the fine appearance of your floor covering. Cleaners with power brush heads are the most effective at removing dirt from within the fibres.

Never steam clean your natural floor covering. Steam cleaning, or any other overall cleaning method that uses water, will saturate the natural fibres in your floor covering causing sisal to shrink and coir to expand.

Method we use (Recommended by Natural floor covering manufactures)

  • Dry Compound Cleaning
  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-mist (soiled areas)
  • Absorbent cleaning powder
  • Post vacuuming