Oriental Rug Cleaning

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  • Pre-inspection: To determine the proper/best cleaning method.
  • Pre-washing/dusting: With turbo head HEPA filtration units.
  • First stage wash: Water saturation will remove dirt/soil and spotting, attention to the backing & fringes.
  • Second stage wash: Remove chemical residues. Using micro-agitating rug cleaner.
  • Grooming & drying: Dry in climate controlled facility.
  • Fragrance scenting: Applied to further sanitise and freshen.
  • Rug protection (optional): Highly recommend on natural fibres.
  • Final inspection: To make sure the rug has been cleaned / restored to its full potential.
  •  Pick up & delivery: We offer pick up & delivery service from door to door.
Pick up & delivery service from door to door