Steam/Dry Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Flotex Floors - Before
Flotex Floors - After
Flotex Floors - After Three Weeks


Carpet Cleaning (Steam Cleaning)

  • Pre-Inspection: Fibre Identification & Evaluation of the best cleaning method to suit carpet type
  • Pre-vacuum: Using power head with HEPA Filtration Unit (Hospital grade)
  • Pre-spotting: Will address stubborn stains/spots using the correct procedure to prevent damage
  • Pre-spraying/conditioning: Using approved chemical to match fibre without damage
  • Rotary Agitation: Breaks down soiling lodged in the carpet fibre
  • Steam Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction using ‘state of the art; carpet cleaning equipment
  • Deodorising and Neutralising: No sticky chemical residues
  • Rotary Dry Pad: Using an effective Anti-microbial this process leaves your carpet in sanitary condition
  • Final Grooming: Remove any cleaning marks created through the process, leaving a pristine carpet presentation.
  • Turbo Drying: Assists with a speedy drying process

*Carpet protection (optional)

Carpet DRY Cleaning


Low Moisture Cleaning

  • Pre-inspection: Identifies the fibre and determines the most appropriate cleaning method to use
  • Pre-vacuum: Turbo Head & HEPA Filtration
  • Pre-spotting & conditioning
  • Absorbent Pad Drying
  • Grooming & Deodorising

Dry Compound Cleaning

  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-mist (soiled areas)
  • Absorbent cleaning powder
  • Post vacuuming